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welcome; you can join us in Facebook, so just write name of the group from these groups, in the search page of Facebook : mobtasimoun/ khawatir.thoughts/ 1year.literatur/ worldlanguages ---------- but must send your full name and your university name to (salim knowing) in facebook
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 معلقة زهير

استعرض الموضوع السابق استعرض الموضوع التالي اذهب الى الأسفل 
كاتب الموضوعرسالة
طبيش عبد الكريم

عدد المساهمات : 57
تاريخ التسجيل : 03/10/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: معلقة زهير   الثلاثاء نوفمبر 25, 2008 11:25 pm

تحتوي معلقة زهير على 62 بيتا وغرضها مدح رجلين أوقفا حربا راح ضحيتها الكثير من أفراد قبيلة عبس وذبيان

يَمِـينًا لَنِعْمَ الـسَّيدَانِ وُجِـدْتُمَا عَـلَى كُلِّ حَـالٍ مِنْ سَحِيلٍ وَمُبْرَم ِ
"An oath, that you are verily two excellent chiefs, who are found worthy of honor in every condition, between ease and distress.5
تَدَارَكْتُما عَبْسَاً وَذُبْـيَانَ بَـعْدَمَا تَـفَانَوْا وَدَقُّـوا بَـيْنَهُمْ عِطْرَ مَنْشَم
"You repaired with peace the condition of the tribes of 'Abs and Zubyán, after they had fought with one another, and ground up the perfume of Manshim between them.6
نسلم وَقَدْ قُلْتُمَا إِننُدْرِكِ السِّلْمَ وَاسِعاً بِـمَالٍ وَمَـعْرُوفٍ مِنَ الْقَوْلِِ
"And indeed you said, 'if we bring about peace perfectly by the spending of money and the conferring of benefits, and by good words, we shall be safe from the danger of the two tribes, destroying each other.'
فَأَصْبَحْتُمَا مِنْهَا عَـلَى خَيْرِ مَوْطِنٍ بَـعِيدَيْن فِيهَاِ مِنْ عُقُوقٍ وَمَـأْثَم
"You occupied by reason of this the best of positions, and became far from the reproach of being undutiful and sinful.
عَظِيمَيْنِ في عُلْيَا مَـعَدٍّ هُدِيْتُمَـا وَمَنْ يَسْتَبِح كَنْزَاً مِنْ المَجْدِ يَعْظُمْ
"And you became great in the high nobility of Ma'add; may you be guided in the right way; and he who spends his treasure of glory will become great.
يُـنَجِّمُهَا مَنْ لَـيْسَ فِيهَا بِـمُجْرِمِ تُـعَفَّى الْـكُلُومُ بِالْمِئيِنَ فَأَصْبَحَتْ
"The memory of the wounds is obliterated by the hundreds of camels, and he, who commenced paying off the blood money by instalments, was not guilty of it (i.e., of making war).
يُـنَـجِّمُهَا قَوْمٌ لِـقَـوْمٍ غَـرَامَةً وَلَـمْ يُهَرِيقُوا بَيْنَهُمْ مِلْءَ مِحْجَمِ
"One tribe pays it to another tribe as an indemnity, while they who gave the indemnity did not shed blood sufficient for the filling of a cupping glass.
مَغَـانِمُ شَتَّى مِـنْ إِفَـالٍ مُـزَنَّمِ فَـأَصْبَحَ يَـجْرِي فِيهِمُ مِنْ تِلاَدِكُمْ
"Then there was being driven to them from the property you inherited, a booty of various sorts from young camels with slit ears.
هَلْ أَقْسَمْتمُ كُـلَّ مُـقْسَمِ أَلاَ أَبْلِـغِ الأَحْلاَفَ عَـنِّي رِسَـالَةً وَذُبْـيَانَ
"Now, convey from me to the tribe of Zubyán and their allies a message,—'verily you have sworn by every sort of oath to keep the peace.'
فَلاَ تَـكْتُمُنَّ اللهَ مَا فِي نُـفُوسِكُمْ لِـيَخْفَى وَمَهْمَا يُـكْتَمِ اللهُ يَـعْلَمِ
"Do not conceal from God what is in your breast that it may be hidden; whatever is concealed, God knows all about it.
يُـؤَخَّرْ فَيُوضَعْ فـي كِتَابٍ فَيُدَّخَرْ لِـيَوْمِ الْحِسَابِ أَو يُعَجَّلْ فَـيُنْقَمِ ْ
"Either it will be put off and placed recorded in a book, and preserved there until the judgment day; or the punishment be hastened and so he will take revenge.
وَمَا هُـوَ عَنْهَا بِـالحَدِيثِ المُرَجَّمِ وَمَا الـحَرْبُ إِلاَّ مَـا عَلِمْتمْ وَذُقْتُمُ
"And war is not but what you have learnt it to be, and what you have experienced, and what is said concerning it, is not a story based on suppositions.
ذَمِـيمَةً وَتَضْـرَ إِذَا ضَـرَّيْتُمُوهَا فَـتَضْرَمِ مَتَـى تَـبْعَثُوهَا تَـبْعَثُوهَا
"When you stir it up, you will stir it up as an accursed thing, and it will become greedy when you excite its greed and it will rage fiercely.
بِـثِفَالِهَا وَتَلْـقَحْ كِشَافَاً ثُمَّ تُنْـتَجْ فَـتُتْئِمِ فَـتَعْرُككُمُ عَرْكَ الـرَّحَى
"Then it will grind you as the grinding of the upper millstone against the lower, and it will conceive immediately after one birth and it will produce twins.7
لَعَمْرِي ضَمْضَم لَـنِعْمَ الـحَيُّ جَـرَّ عَلَيْهِمُ بِمَا لاَ يُوَاتِيهِم حُصَيْنُ بْنُ ِ
"By my life I swear, how good a tribe it is upon whom Husain Bin Damdam brought an injury by committing a crime which did not please them.8
وَكَانَ طَوَى كَـشْحًا عَلَى مُسْتَكِنَّةٍ فَـلاَ هُـوَ أَبْدَاهَا وَلَـمْ يَـتَقَدَّم ِ
"And he had concealed his hatred, and did not display it, and did not proceed to carry out his intention until he got a good opportunity.
وَقَالَ سَأَقْضِي حَـاجَتِي ثُـمَّ أَتَّقِي عَـدُوِّي بِأَلْف مِنْ وَرَائِـيَ مُلْجَمٍ ِ
"And he said, 'I will perform my object of avenging myself, and I will guard myself from my enemy with a thousand bridled horses behind me.'
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معلقة زهير
استعرض الموضوع السابق استعرض الموضوع التالي الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة 
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